Monday, June 02, 2008

Taking care of yourself, will take care of nature

Hmm.. I am a weird guy, who also is into some amount of technical things. If I get depressed or find nothing else to do, I start reading technical books(Weird!!). Majorly, into java; but nothing specific as Java. It can be VB, C#, Shell script, php or whatever that can be typed on a computer and can be interpreted/compiled and executed.

I had written this blog so as to maintain a personal diary of things I need to remember, which I deem important or weird and should be noted down.

But, I have come to a realization that there is some thing which is more important than these; which is why i am here typing this blog and is of a category, which i have never done before in my life. My Organization, well, not in my profile, Tavant Technologies, have started a drive 'for' the cause of Mother nature. We have a team called Green Team, which does the job of causing awareness among the employees of our organization regarding environment. And, I feel it is very important for every one to be a part of this campaign as a whole with interest creeping out from deepness of each heart. And I think, may be i can show its important by putting this content on my very very very personal diary.

Here is a 'typing' dedicated for the our mother. May be this is a beginning and will give me enough enthu to write about other things i think about, namely, Life.

How many of us really care for the environment? In my estimate 99 out of 100 people will say they do care for the environment. Yes and that is true!! But, out of these 99, how many do actually contribute towards caring for nature? I think may be 10. Why is this big difference between numbers? People who care for the environment is greater than the number of people who contribute towards it. Hmm.. I think everyone should think about it for just 20 sec. Nothing more, I know, you don't have time for more than that to spare. Yeah, but you can definitely spare an hour sitting in front of TV or a computer playing games or eating ice-creams on the street or just sitting in front of your desk thinking about past or chatting with a friend of yours about someone who is not yours. Good, keep it up.

Well, you really don't have to give time for taking care of it. You just take care of yourself, that is more than sufficient. Let me put in some of my thoughts here, as in, how to achieve that.

I used to see my friends copy in B.E examinations. They used to write half the book in about 20 half the A4 size sheets, with no space left any where and still quite readable. Very very good thinking. I mean, not copying, but an innovative thinking for a different cause(of not getting caught!!) leading to saving some amount of paper. There is a lesson to learn here. To save paper we can
start educating people to write in small handwriting's.
The smaller it gets the lesser the amount of paper used to convey the same information. No extra effort required, just decrease the font size with which you type, and leave less margins around the paper.

My friend Satish always used to take printouts of the books to read. When i questioned he said it irritates his eyes to read on the system. He wears spectacles already. Then, i realized may be he is actually saving nature. we can
stop reading E-Books for hours on the computer. Better, take printouts on recycled papers, with 2 or 4 sheets per page and read.
The later has relatively higher advantages than consumption of higher power.

All of us have become a host for a fungus called 'diseases', from diabetes to heart problem. Major reason being our working style, the food we eat and laziness we have in us. If you want to stay alive a day more, start exercising. Even walking will do. But, before you start, voluntarily,
switch off the main supplies of your home for one hour in the evening. Then, go out to a park and have some fresh air.

Also, with keeping health of your own in mind,
start eating non-fried, non-microwaved food. The more you eat food like fruits, salad etc,
the more healthier you get. Also, you indirectly help in reducing the power, the oil consumed and also, the air polluted due to frying. These may look small, but, never forget even an ocean is made up of droplets of water.

Though, these are very few ways, but can be definitely done with some conscious effort.
If there are more thing you know, which are very very simple,and can be done without spending sufficient time on it, do post a comment.

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    Very good thoughts dude... will definitely keep in mind...