Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Apache Camel JMX with remote jconsole using host : port

By default when JMX is enabled in apache camel, it binds such that you will have to use a rather encrypted path in jconsole URI for connecting remotely. From there documentation-

You will not be able to connect using localhost:1099 in the jconsole. This was very important to me as I was not just using jconsole but zabbix to gather data from JMX. In case of zabbix the only option that is available was host:port. The reason this does not work is the serviceUrlPath which by default in camel is customized to /jmxrmi/camel instead of the more known /jmxrmi. The fix is easy as show below-

<camelContext id="camelAppContext" xmlns="">
<propertyPlaceholder id="properties"
<jmxAgent id="camelAppJmxAgent" registryPort="{{jmx.registry.port}}" connectorPort="{{jmx.connector.port}}"
createConnector="true" serviceUrlPath="/jmxrmi"/>

Or by using the JMX from –D options.

With this configuration you can connect using host:port (localhost:1099) to JMX using jconsole.

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