Saturday, March 29, 2014

Releasing chrome extension for UptimeRobot monitor

I have developed an opensource chrome browser extension to enable easy integration with Uptime Robot API's and monitor server/monitor statuses using chrome browser. This extension helps one to see server stats and get notification while the chrome browser is on.


  • Server up and down desktop notifications.
  • Immediate visible server up and down notifications in the extension browser action icon.
  • Group monitors to see them separated in the extension display.
  • Options and data stored using chrome storage sync API allowing it to be sync'ed between chrome's if signed in.
  • Uses jquery.plugin.uptimeRobotMonitor to provide a beautiful visualization of server status and statistics related to 1 day,7 day and all time server uptime percentages.
  • Uses only Monitor API keys (not Account API keys) and hence trustable and secure.
Check for more new features and contribute to source at the project site. Download by clicking on the image below.

 Chrome Webstore

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