Monday, November 06, 2006

Access internet with total anonymity - 1

There are 2 free tools available on the internet using which you can be totally anonymous in the internet.
The first one I would like to describe is Privoxy:

Now this is a web proxy. Instead of connecting to the server directly, we can connect to this web proxy. This will get all the webpages from the server instead of we getting them by contacting the server directly. Let me make it clear that am not advertising these software's, but only suggesting them from my own knowledge and experience.Privoxy helps for privacy protection and also add and junk filtering. This feature of add filtering is what impressed me the most. Also, you can setup the privoxy as a server on a local lan and redirect all the machines to this server to serve the request.You can use it also as a service in WinNT based systems. And now you can use this with another r type of proxies called transparent proxy, these can run on default http port 80. I will give an intro to Tor next.

Some usage details:
Uses port: 8118
Configuration at: http://p.p/
To set up as a server on Lan : In the main configuration file 'listen-address' option, uncomment it. Assign it the address of the LAN gateway interface, and port number to use.

Will speak about Tor next time..

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