Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Access internet with total anonymity - 2

Tor is also a free software available and is used to protect privacy of the users. Users can communicate anonymously over the internet using tor. There is a proxy running on your local system. All the application which need anonymous access to the out side net have to use this proxy. The proxy server connects to the tor network, and periodically created virtual circuit through the tor network. The proxy is also called onion proxy for the way in which the cryptography is implemented, in a layered fashion, like that of the onion. Software provides a SOCKS interface to the clients. Applications that can use SOCKS can be pointed at the Tor, which can then route the traffic through the virtual circuit created in the Tor network.

This Tor is often used with Privoxy, I had introduced before. The Tor works at the TCP layer while the privoxy works at the application layer. You can point to 'localhost:9050' to use Tor directly with application, or you can point at 'localhost:8118' to use it with privoxy.