Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nope, you can't hide anything on LAN tooo... LOL

I found this one more cool software called LanSpy. You can use this tool to get the information about systems present on the LAN. There are some other tools similar to this, but, i found this rather simple to use. So, for a new bee, this tool is good to start. All, the various tools present to know about the network or your LAN has been integrated very neatly in this software. All the ports which are open are listed, also, the programs or services that are using this is also displayed.
Using this tool you can get the Domain name, NetBios name, MAC address to name a few.
The most interesting part of the software is its ability to display the process and the servicess running on the remote system. It also displays the user accounts present on that system, registry with the hotfixes that have been applied to that system. Also, it gives us the list of password policy applied for that system, the roles that are applied to that system, logged users, the groups present and more.
Basically, a very good tool you can start with if you know some fundamental things about the networking.
And again it a Free Tool!!!
There are some more advanced tools present on the net that allows you to do more(Only for advancd users!!!). Say for example, you can start & stop process on that machine!! great ! But, some softwares i came across were paid softwares like LAN Inventory 1.0. Will let you all know if i ever find some free softwares which does that!!

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