Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Are you showing off to be invisible?? LOL

Today, while I was browsing the internet I found this cool software called 'Buddy Spy'. I got my hand on the version 2.2. It has been written in VB6 and believe me, Its a Job well done. This software allows you to see what other yahoo messenger users are doing or pretending to do. he he he...Are they in stealth mode or if they are chatting in a chat room with a busy status message!! Also, if they have a web cam and if its online. It uses the YMSG protocol.
It has a really cool GUI. Now, let me take you through the steps to know the Unknown!!!

After installation when you launch the application, it comes up with a welcome screen, With news alerts, if any. You can navigate by clicking on the links present on the left hand side to different sections.
Then comes the configure section. Here you can give the username and password to log into yahoo and select various parameters like the yahoo server you want to log into, web cam server etc.
You can show your status to be invisible or even a custom message.

Next comes the 'buddy spy' screen. Here you can specify the name of the user to see his real status. You have to log in first to check these status. You can even see the chat rooms he is chatting in, if any!!! You can scan for a single user or you can provide a list of names to scan at once! Too cool! There are many more setting to fine tune the way the buddy searches on the yahoo server.

And most importantly its FREE FREE FREEEEE..... :) :)